The practice of yoga is life, and the practice of life is yoga. Every action we take in life affects the course of our lives. Rather than going into detail about the essence of this ancient practice, we will focus on the aspects that will be beneficial to you if you acknowledge and practice them. 

In the end, life is all about how we perceive it - whether it is a mental or emotional construct. 
Our mental and emotional health is of the utmost importance if we are to live a fulfilled and happy life. In the absence of creating our own life, life is created for us. Through meditation, we can begin to control our own lives. With the practice of this simple yet challenging technique, we will be able to transform our lives. The next part of the process is movement. Our subconscious mind is located in our bodies. This is where all emotional blocks or traumas are stored. To stop our suffering, we must learn how to identify and release these emotions. Our breathing can play a very significant role in strengthening our connection both to our body and to our subconscious. At the same time, it can expands our consciousness. The breath is often described as a bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious mind. 

What role does beauty play in all of this? When we begin to connect deeper with our true essence, the part of ourselves that loves ourselves and everyone else without condition begins to appear more frequently in our lives. Our ability to recognize beauty in nature, in people, in art and in music will increase - we already do this to some extent, but there are deeper levels of experience to tap into. It can only be revealed by a deeper understanding of oneself and life. 

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