3 Trees with Sprout

3 Trees with Sprout

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Soft and rich, double gauzed viscose is a fabric with a luxurious feel. Two thin layers of viscose are woven together at regular intervals. Throughout the fabric, this weaving creates a light embossed pattern. Due to the two layers being woven together, the fabric has a pleasant weight and a beautiful fall, providing a very exclusive feel.
The weight of a maxi kaftan is approximately 700 grams.

For maintenance, we recommend the following steps (only start the next step if the previous one didn't work):

The first. Ideally, hang on a hanger near windows or outdoors (spray linen water if necessary)

Second. Use a gentle steamer to remove unwanted smells from affected areas.

Third. Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry on a hanger.

Four. Put the items in the washing machine on the coldest temperature and finest program. A laundry bag should be used. Dry hanging on a hanger.

A garment made from this material must be cared for and marketed with awareness of how it reacts to other materials. Avoid sitting on friction-producing materials as it wears out the fabric faster.

Use a handbag without hard straps so it doesn't rub against the fabric.

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