Life is a meditation

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Life is beautiful, life is ugly, life is peaceful, life is stressful, life is blissful, life is scary, life is...
Whatever we put after "life is" we can probably relate to most adjectives. Why is this? Because life is an inner experience and every human being has the possibility to experience any and all states of the mind. Whatever going on outside of us, it's our reaction/idea to what is happening that will define it. Some events are easier to change our perception about and others are harder (like war and violence). When we judge an event, whatever that event is, we define it and when we defined it - it's hard seeing it from another perspective. Having too many set opinions about things might stop creative flow, and new perspectives to take place. This is where inner practice comes into play. We can through movement, breath, relaxation, strength, softness, force, contraction, expansion, attention, focus and other ways open up our minds to new ways of seeing life and being in life.
This is the practice of yoga. To integrate all aspects of life and all aspects of ourselves. We do this through purification of all energetic layers until we reach a state of pure being. No judgments about anything will cloud our minds, This is the long term goal of the practice and it is not something we strive for in our practice. This will take place on a subconscious level just by doing the work. The work can be done with each breath at each moment. But usually we need a set time where we practice all these things so that the meditation can slowly and gradually move into each area of life.
Doing the work takes energy, commitment, perseverance, trust, time, gentleness, patience, willpower, ease, awareness, play, courage and stamina.
What ever we do excellence follows consistency.
Yoga is "excellence in all action". The understanding of yoga philosophy will also unfold as we practice and as we study. It is not a religion but a technical system that help us realize the divinity inside each and every one of us. The reason we have such respect and love for the practice is because it has changed our lives for the better 100 folds. The only reason for the success we feel we have is because of the practice. The more we can let go of who we think we are and the more we can be what we truly are the more beautiful life will be.
How are you without all the perceptions of who you should be?
How are you without all the expectations from yourself and others?
How are you when you peel all the layers off?
Are you ready to meet yourself?

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