The seat of the soul

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hey guys,
would like to touch on a topic most of us spend our entire life avoiding - who we are?
The human mind is a tricky phenomena to understand. What drives its existence and what is the meaning of it. The meaning of it we have to put aside because I'm not sure there is a meaning, at least not a comprehensible one. Let's look at the mind from an outside perspective and dissect how it works. The mind is a never ending computer running our show called life. What is present in the mind is usually what we define our selves by. If anger is present we are angry, if love is present we are compassionate, if fear is present we are fearful. Believing that the mind creates a truthful experience is not something I would recommend. In the mind of everyone is something called the ego. The Ego is the unconscious gathering of experiences leading to the belief of how we are.
The true essence of all things are pure consciousness. It is centered in all things and is never affected by anything. What ever is happening, pure consciousness is always just observing, free from judging or define the experience. Good and bad, right and wrong, black and white are human constructs

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