Our story

Brahmaki is love manifested in design. We always try to keep the most beautiful of emotions and expressions in everything we do. The name Brahmaki is the combination of Brahman (the universal soul) and Meraki (an ancient Greek word meaning to put your love, soul and intention to your work). 

Brahmaki was first thought of in the end of 2015. One of the founders, Jesper, was on an ongoing inner journey and found himself and his creative energy to come alive. He wanted to create beauty and a plattform where he could spread knowledge and information about yoga and its benefits for humans. 
His first idea was to make comfortable colorful pants for men. He asked his mom if she could teach him how to saw, and she did. The next year and a half he spend teaching in high school, practicing the art of yoga and sewing clothes for himself and friends.

In 2017 it was time for a yoga teacher training in India and then some travels in Bali. During this trip he found a friend and partner in India (Jaipur), Nitin. And another friend and partner in Bali, Wayan Eka. They are still helping Brahmaki with all the tailoring. In Jaipur there is now 20 people working only with Brahmaki ful time. Brahmaki has its office and production unit in three store residential villa outside of Jaipur city. All 20 employees gets free lunch and juices everyday. It very clear that the intension of Brahmaki is to provide great working environments, hand made and beautiful clothing and life changing experiences trough retreats.